Friday, May 22, 2009


Date : 22nd May 2009
Time : 5.26PM
Listening : The Bad Song - Jerrica Lai
Where : Bro's Room - MC

Wow... What a very dead blog. I didn't even have the time to update about stuff since class started. Been 2 weeks since the term started. First week was pretty free and easy. We got a new MMLab4~! It's a new environment la, so I guess the 7 hours class wasn't that bad. I can't really do work at home actually. I have no idea why.

For my practical training is with the Befrienders Malaysia. We are to recreate a website for them to reach out for a bigger target audience. Soooo, my fellow church members, I am not counselling them. So don't worry, I won't make anyone feeling more depressed. Team mates consisted of Tanyus, Selvia, Joanne and also Hong. Hong took lead this time. Tanyus and I sat out from leading this time round; due to our involvement in Grad Campaign.

For Graduation Campaign, last week, we had a nomination of names. This week, we had another round of voting. I was honestly very surprised to see the amount of votes that I've received the week before. So anyway, I was made the president and I wanna thank everyone that supported me. We had our first board meeting today and everything went really well. There were so many brilliant ideas from the board members. Was pretty nervous about it before the meeting. Thank God for the vice presidents, Sathom and Julianto. Everything went well today. I am so glad.

But things got really hectic ever since the grad campaign started. Things have to be done really fast and I still have Final project to take care of. Then the practical training with Befrienders started today also. And our team has no job brief. We have to propose to our client the whole campaign because they have no idea what they actually want for the website because it is something new for them. It's gonna be a very hectic term. So guys at home, please pray for me and my teammates ok? Every single one of them from other majors also. I think we all need it.

So yeah, hope to see u guys next week at DMSJ!

I'm bad, bad, bad through and through,
But of course you already knew,
I'm bad, bad at showing my heart's true,
But that doesn't mean I don't love you.

No, nothing ever means
I don't love you...

-The Bad Song (Sell Out OST)-


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