Monday, June 15, 2009

Befrienders and Jean Nie

Date : 15th June 2009
Time : 10.26AM
Listening to : Still - Hillsong
Where : Bro's Room - MC

And so yesterday I took a bus back to Sunway at 4.30PM. The bus was supposed t leave at 4PM. Sheesh. Then train was delayed so I kinda reached home at around 8.00PM. Then had dinner with zheng, bro, zaf and Kelvin. So tiring. Had a meting with Sathom and Julianto until around 12.45AM I think. Then I went to bed. Woke up at 5.30AM. Took a bath and started working on befriender's quick visual. Not quick at all. =.=! I don't think I can really make "quick visual" because this took me 4 hours la dey! Quick visual supposed to be like prob one hour one. And I took 4 hours for one freakin page. No wonder I am so behind time for FPS. Grrrrrr~!

I think it's to textly. =.=! I hope I don't make a stressful person more stressed up when they visit this site. Oh my...

And prob he's right. I am really not sleeping right. Attempts to wake up every 2 hours definitely make me more tired than I already am. Oh, and I finally got in touch with Jean Nie. So MGSS fellows... September gathering was suggested by JN. Let me know kay if u guys are interested to meet up.

It's funny how she took Multimedia in MMU and now an Art Director in Singapore. What are the chances that we took the same line of course huh? *Grin*



Tekkaus said...

To be honest you design is really good. The colour and layout is warm and soothing. But only one had mentioned it...too much text. Perhaps you could shorten it? And try to replace with some flash? Anyway that's my opinion lar. :D Great job.

Chen said...

yeah, just met the client today. We suggested flash as well. The text. Hahaha... It's the info that they want. But we're trying to work with the copywriter to arrange it in a less texty way. Thanks yea!

Ywei said...

I saw a lot of text ~____~
hahah just to kacau *0*

Chen said...

LOL. UR sweating ninja. Macam pau onli... =.=! Salty pau...