Monday, June 29, 2009

36 hours of sleeplessness + driving = you have no idea....

Date : 29th June 2009
Time : 1.31AM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Living Hall - Tanyus' Place

Haiiiiih~ What a weekend. We received news from Urbanscapes committee that they're releasing a booth for us to do fundraising. It was 11.30PM, Friday when we received the news and Urbanscapes was on Saturday. That means it was the next day la. t was such a rushed decision. The presidents and PR head discussed the issue online. TAKE IT or NOT? We decided we should since we were going to Urbanscapes anyway. Just that the plan changed to working there instead of you know... have a more relaxed trip. 

So what happened was, I packed up, borrowed Zaf's car, picked Julianto, Wahyu and Sathom at around 1.00AM and sped off to Ampang with Fadzil leading the way. We reached Dee's place at around 2.30AM. Went off for supper at McD till 3.00AM. Then we went bac to Dee's place, worked around the clock till 8.00AM. Freshened up and went off to KLPAC at9.00AM.

I drove one car and Fadzil drove another. Julianto and Sathom followed my car. And we got lost cos Fadzil's car was blocked by a truck and I lost track of his car. Sigh..again. Anyway, we managed to find our way after 45 minutes I think.

The event started from 10AM to 12AM. The 3 of us decided that we will stay until 5.00PM max. We didn't sleep the whole night and we felt that it was unwise to stay on till night. But... haih...we ended up staying till 8.30PM. We promoted our batch and graduation and everything. Urbanscapes is so fun la but we didn't have the chance to see things cos we were kinda stuck in our booth. We managed to catch a glimpse of some performances though.

Anyway, we packed up and left at 8.30PM. By then, I officially did not sleep for 35 hours or more already. Same goes for Julianto and Sathom. I thnk they stayed up longer than me. And so I had to drive home the same ppl back. And I got lost. AGAIN. I am certified not a KL person. I was so tired and my brain wasn't functioning due to the lack of sleep.

I must stress that I am usually not a reckless driver. But in KL, I am. I seriously am cos there are just too many things going on. And that night, coupled with the lack of sleep, I was seriously putting ppl's lives in danger. I almost bang ppl along the way. I couldn't concentrate and everytime I stopped at the red light, i will doze off and Sathom had to keep me awake. Yeah... I know...what the heck right? Sigh. So as we finally went the right way, Sathom just kept talking to me. I think he attempted to keep me awake. As we made a Uturn back to Julianto's house, I had a minor accident with the divider. Jolted everyone. X...X! Sigh. I safely dropped Julianto and Wahyu home after that.

Lepas tuuu, I dropped Sathom back at his place. Near Summit. Then when I drove back home, I drifted off a little and almost crashed the bridge divider. Thank God I realized it just in time. Oh my goodnesss... So scary la ok. Then when almost reaching home, I was so sure there weren't any cars la. So when I drove out to the junction, a motorcyclist crashed into me. I was so shocked. I kept apologizing, he kept apologizing. And since no one got hurt, we just went away. Thank God everyone was alright. 

By the time I reached home, I wanted to just drop dead on the bed and sleep. But I had to shower cos I felt so sticky and dirty la. I lost balance while walking 2 times and that kinda scared my bro. So after I showered, I went back to his room. He straight away off the light and made me go to bed. =.=! Which I did after...hehe...I counted the money. LOL.

Okla...Anyway, everything was good. And I'm sorry if Ive made anyone worried. But it's not like I had a choice la ok. And I am not a workaholic. Things just happen to be that way. Anyway, I gtg. I have another gallery thing tomorrow. Nite.




Tekkaus said...

Wow! 36 hours without a sleep? You'd better take care o Chen. You don't wanna get faint in the middle of the road right? If i were your parents I will be dead worried! Anyway you did have a great time right? :D

Chen said...

:) Yeah, they will be dead worried but thank god they doesn't read my blog. Eheheheh. I will take care. Thanks. And yeap, I did have a great time. Tired though.

weijin said...

sooooo many incidents along the way time rest at friend's place first la

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Chen said...

weijin, I dunnoe the way edi how to find the place of my friends? Haha...But thank God we were alright la yea.

Chen said...

Hi hapi!

saun said...

I think God put those little near accidents and accidents to keep u awake and avoid big ones.