Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mak random

Date : 11th July 2009
Time : 10.31PM
Listening to : Better - Tom Baxter
Where : Zheng's Room - MC

Aih, so many things to write about but i dunnoe where to start. Just got back from Batch61&65's Graduation Ceremony. I felt so awkward wearing a dress there. Utterly foolish looking I feel. Especially when I was having lunch before going for the ceremony. Didn't really have much choice but to go cos' Chris and I were to receive an award each. Thank God I had her as companion at the same table. But I followed Liyana, Yoshiki and Clarissa there. But I lunched with Zheng, Zaf and also Kelvin. So freakin funny la during lunch cos we were playing this stupid question game. 

----------------------------------------Internet Down-----------------------------------------
Date : 13th July 2009
Time : 10.56AM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - MC

But anyway, enough about the ceremony. My laptop crashed again yesterday. T_T But nothing much inside the lappie so it wasn't that bad la. I went for an in terview last Thursday. Hmmm... I don't think I did that well la. Initially, I felt rather bad about it because I think I may have give them a wrong impression. But after that, I decided that perhaps it's just not the right place for me to be. And it is not what I really want to do. But it is a really good agency. I am not too sure if I will be called back for a second interview but I am fine either way. Then on Friday, I met up with another agency's managing director in Starbucks. He interviewed me last term. And he offered me a job. He was really nice and he explained the job scope for me and really laid everything out in the open so that I know what I'll get myself into. And yeah, it fits what I am looking for. And I think it's a place where I could really learn from. I am not saying I can't learn from other places but the impression that I get from this agency is that I won't have to be in the rat race upon graduation. I really don't think I want to compete at this stage. I seriously have a lot of things to pick up from the industry people. And I want to learn because I want to learn. I don't want to be in a place that I need to learn because I know people expect me to learn. I really don't think it is healthy to learn like that. Okay, too much of a learn word. I don't know if you people understand what I am trying to put forth. But I've yet to accept any job offer yet. 

And yeah, life had been hectic. Still is. Haunted by weird dreams and graduation campaign. It's just so weird having all these dreams. Sheesh. Anyway, I really hope to go back to Malacca next week. I need some peace and tranquility~ *birds chirping* Ahem.. Ok neway... I miss you guys back in Malacca. Hope to see you people soon especially MGC-ians!




Tekkaus said... got an award? What award was it? Ha :D Anyway congrates.

Your laptop crash again? Is it because you are using pirated copy of Windows? LOL ;P

Kidd a.k.a. Ah Fatt said...

it's time to change a lappy! Dell/Apple, either one ^^

oh! wish u can get nice job. Get a good rest before u start fighting again, this is for your own good ya!

well, check out:

they are hiring... ^^

Chen said...

Tekaus : Best student of year 2 which I seriously think I don't deserve la. But thanks. :)
Hehe...I wun tell u why it crashedddd!!! Twice sammo kay~

Ah Fatt : Thanks man! And yeah, my lappie 5 years old d.