Monday, July 20, 2009

The BOX photography session!

Date : 20th July 2009
Time : 12.33AM
Listening to : My youngest bro snoring
Where : TV Room - Malacca

Can you believe it??? One more month from now the graduation exhibition will be launched~! And I have so little tiiimeeee! Neway, we had some crazy time at the school's photography studio. Supposed to take individual photos but after that we went mad. o.O!

Awww... A happie family...

But somehow our richest member died...T_T And you can see how gleeful the back row ppl were.

Now you can see whyyyyy~! They wanted the BOX! It's our inheritance!

But akhirnya dimenangi oleh our photographer cum model ANTM together with...erm...NERD.

LOL! Julianto's face was so funny.

Acting seductive. Total fail for me. AHAHAHAHA!

Err..pardon the boys...

Selvia and I supposed to take photos together but all these tiang lampu die die also wanna masuk inside. We decided to make them the background. But obviously Sathom wanted to be seen la.

Multimedia family. Complete!

Lol..crazy ppl.. I will miss u guys!

Our cute little princess Wahyury a.k.a Leia

Now you know who's the party queen... 0.o"


One small happie family...

Pardon Tanyus...I dunnoe what she was trying to reach for but whatever it was, Chris wasn't that keen to be there... LOL.

I love this picture. Edited by Nian Xing. XD

Like some horror family portrait with 2 hantus underneath the stools....

Same as the tiang lampus picture... Only extra tiangs only... =.=!

Hehehe... We had fun and I'll miss them so much when we graduate.



Tekkaus said...

Time flies really fast! You gonna grad soon? Good for you! :D

You guys seems to have a lot of fun in front of the camera o. :)

Chen said...

haha, yeah, graduating this august 21st. Ad yeap, we had fun.