Sunday, June 07, 2009

A long weekend at Bijou Bazaar

Date : 7th June 2009
Time : 10.19PM
Listening to : We will dance - Steven Curtis Chapman
Where : Bro's Room - MC

It was a terribly TIRING, HECTIC, BUSY, ENERGY-DRAINING weekend. My batch had our first fundraising activity in Bijou Bazaar this weekend. On Thursday, I worked with some of the students on the paper bags for our bazaar. We are going green so we decide not to use plastic bags. :) I started from 2pm to around 5.30PM. After that, I rushed off to meet my internship client, Befrienders. We left pretty early to find the place. Met the client officially at 7PM. Lasted till about 8 to 8.30. then went back sunway, packed up, dinner and then off to Dee's place. Supposed to start on the notebook production there. But due to miscommunication, some stuff got mixed up. So I had to travel from Ampang all the way to Sunway to retrieve the stuff. =.=! At 12.00AM. Thank God for Fadzil. Then Sel and I worked ont he notebook covers. I slept pretty early that day. At 4.00AM.

Woke up at 8.30AM. Went to school at 9.00AM to conduct the board meeting for Grad campaign. After that start to work on the notebook further. Some of the members continued to work on paperbags. Handed the work over to Sathom at 3.00PM and went to class. Then one hr later, we were dismissed. Met Uncle Kenny and we had a crazy talk. Hahaha. Then went to meet up with the rest of the members in the printing shop and continued to rush on the stuff for the next day. Reached home at about9.00PM. Actually I went back Sel's place. Took a nap of one hr or so. Then Fadzil came and we did some silkscreen board for the tees. I slept for 2 more hours. Then lasted the whole night till 6.45AM. Then set out with Nesia to pick Sathom and met Jon at school.

Went to Bijou Bazaar at Bangsar.

Got lost there. Prayed darn hard and somehow we managed to find our way back. And then set up the bazaar stuff. On saturday, I was at the bazaar from 8.30AM to 7.30PM. So very tiring and I knelt down most of the times. So know got blue blacks and all already. The bazaar was fun although sales were really slow. I really had fun with everyone. Laughed and wanna die also cos so tired.

So panas la that morning. This is Prakash. Our Caricature guy.
We took only one booth lor. But we have 3 car loads as full as this. Seems like we're having 5 booths. =.=!
Having some crazy moments while waiting for the Bungalow to open. Julianto, the vice President scolding us. Ehehehe...
Drama Queen. -.-!
Setting up the place
Love the settings and everything. That's Nesia and Sam at work.
Silkscreen! Ehehehee. It was fun but crash course of 15 minutes at 6AM in the morning did not make me a good silk-screener. =.=!

Not by me. =.=! By Fadzil. Design was by Sathom and Julianto. Psst.. If you guys want it, order from us kay?? Support us for Our Graduation Campaign!

Handmade clay accessories. There were a lot of nice ones. Will post them up asap! If you like it, order from us too!
I have no way to describe how delicious this is. I went around giving ppl samples but I ended up eating a whole bunch of them.

Scenario that happened:
Me : Hi! Wanna try our brownies? It's free!
People : Okay.
Me : Do you like it? Support us kay?
*Turned around, stole one piece. *
Imagine me doing that for 20 times laaaaa!
*Reached my own stall. Members look at me.
Michelle : Cheeeeeen! Why do you look like you were eating them??
*Wipe mouth*
Me : Where got???
Nesia : Got! What kind of president this?
*Everyone laughed*
Chen : Fine! Fine! I shall not stand up to this temptation. You guys go round lah!
Our geeky secretary Samantha Ng!
Attempts to sell our theory of E=MC and notebooks by being a nerd. 0.o!
Yeahar! Very good indeed~ (Michelle Junia)
Elvina set as a model to attract caricature customers.
Plain pages Notebooks designed by our students. As usual, will give you guys more choices. If you like it, let us know kay?? Hard sell nyer. Hahahaha!
Our Caricature artist. Prakash, Chong Huan and Julianto. The King wasn't there. (Abdullah)
Our very own chef with a degree in culinary art, Yoshiki. His brownies are to die for.
The pool area.
Oh, another kena marah picture.

PHOTOS were taken by our Photographer, Nian Xing.

BUT... post mortem time with some outsider made feel so upset and demoralized. I was already very stressed up by internal problems in my own board. Now I have to faced some people who think that we are small kiddos. That is what I felt la. But I was born to be really courteous. I don't speak my mind just like that. I just listened. I was so freakin stressed already la. Then suddenly dad called. I went off to pick up the calls. I heard his voice only, I started breaking down and cried. I guess I just felt so vulnerable when I heard my dad's voice la. He asked what's wrong and all. I dunnoe what to say la. I think I was tired and demoralized. And I haven't been sleeping enough for almost 3 days straight. Plus, I didn't eat the whole day. AND they have to demoralize my team and drag the meeting even though we had a long day already. I just felt very frustrated. After that call, I went back up and then mom called. Alamak... Cried again...she lectured me and asked me to drop the president post. But to bail out just like that is just not me la. Then the 3rd time, she called again. She said she wants me to come up with a schedule for my sleeping and eating time. =.=!

Anyway... sigh... I had fun UNTIL the demoralizing post mortem. Came back home started to emo and prayed so hard. Slept at around 12AM. Woke up at 7.15AM and went off to the 2nd day of bazaar. Sathom, Zheng, Zaf, Abdullah and I were supposed to stay half a day but Sathom ended staying until 4.30PM. Zaf and I stayed the full day. We reached home at 9PM just now. It was fun today cos we tried to attract the crowds from the roads. Ehehehee... When the pics are out, I'll post them up.

VERY TIRING but FUN. (minus the very emo night I had on Sat)

I skipped church this week. I am really sorry. Really really sorry. No excuse at all I know. Sigh.

Another long day tomorrow. T_T



Ywei said...

Wah! very nice o! good job :D!

Chen said...

Eheheh! Thanks! Come support us in Lot 10 in 2 weeks kay?

Tekkaus said...

This is one crazy long post. Anyway looks like you guys have a ball of fun huh. :D

Chen said...

haha. I am known to write long entry for my blog. Yeap! We had fun!

Joyss said...

hey i know that place! i didn't recognize it from the name la but i recognize the building!

there's a road next to it that leads up to a hill right?
on the hill is was my primary school :D
actually my house is like a 10-15 minute walk away... ahaha

try listening to desert song by united live.
it helps lift my spirits at times :)

Chen said...

:) Yeap. Nice place lae. =.=! Should have promo kat sekolah la. Then you can bring ur friends. But come for the next one in LOT 10 kay?

Yeap, thanks for the song suggestion. Pray for us kay? Thankss!

Tekkaus said...

So you are well-known to write damn long post lar. Anyway, tell me what you think about my new thumbnail. Cast you vote here. Feel free to leave your comment. Thanks :D

Chen said...

yeap. Well known. Lol. Ok, will drop by.