Friday, June 12, 2009

Lot10 survey day

Date : 12th June 2009
Time : 12.29AM
Listening to : My own typing
Where : Bro's Room - MC

What a day... T_T I had replacement class from 10-1PM today. Supposed to leave for Lot10 at 1.30pm with some committee members to check the area out. Mana tau I actually have another replacement class at 2PM. =.=! So delayed till around 3PM then Chris fetched us to Lot10. Macam tour guide pulak tu. SO yeah... We surveyed the area for our next bazaar.

And since it was raining and we can't go anywhere else, we sat down in DOME cafe and brainstormed for some strategies to attract more customers and also planned out what can be done with te oversized tees. I personally don't mind the s size right now. It feels pretty comfortable. But girls tend to like baby tees instead.

Anyway, went back home with public transport. Monorail was crazily packed. Francisca, Sathom, Julianto, Deny and I almost got flattened. =.=! Luckily ventilation was good. After we stopped at Sentral, I went my separate way and took KTM home instead. The rest took bus.

When I reached home, I checked my mail, the forum and batch68 blog. Then I wanted to take a nap. But Kel and Danny came over to drag me outta bed for dinner. But I die die also dowan. I needed to sleep. I wanted to take a short nap so I can wake up for the art direction online meeting. But I kinda "died" on my bed. I hutang tidor like sial liddat. Although the night before I slept a lot, but still, I couldn't cover back the hutang. Hahahahaa... I missed the meeting. Sathom didn't call me. T_T Perhaps cos he knew I kantoi d.

So I ended up not having any lunch or dinner. I woke up at 11.30PM. Took a bath and took my dinner. Kel they all bought for me. So very nice of them la. I said I wanted ayam penyet and terus ada ayam penyet. Thanks yea zaf, zheng, kel and danny! :)

All in all, the progress for Grad campaign isn't that bad. I have faith that God will make our path straight. Keep us in prayers. Thanks!

And I am coming back tomorrow. I don't think I have the time to hang out though.



Tekkaus said...

Sounds like you are pretty busy these few days. Anyway all the best for you. :D

Chen said...

yeahhhhhhhhh.... very busy. T_T Thanks yea!