Saturday, June 13, 2009


Date : 13th June 2009
Time : 1.01PM
Listening to : D'Masive - Cinta ini membunuhku
Where : Bro's room - Malacca

Yesterday, the board members had a meeting and our main agenda was the art directions. Got pretty frustrated at one point because most of the time we get ppl who just shoot down some suggestions but constructive feedback was relatively low. It's not that I enjoy walking upfront and release my frustration by erasing the earlier discussion and brushing kel off in the process (sorry kel). But we were kinda going nowhere if we don't give constructive feedback. Even ridiculous suggestions are fine but not just plain keeping quiet and we don't know what was going on in your head. And then when everything is over, then some of us might get it from another source that some people are unhappy and all. Its not easy and almost impossible to please everyone la. I kinda eccepted this fact already. But it's not like we're not trying you know.At the very least, I hope that our own board members will let us know if they really think something is not working right. Any constructive feedback will help. Sigh...

And after the meeting, had lunch with some of them and then drove zheng to the post ofice to get her stuf. Then hung out at the gallery with wahyu and zheng before mom and dad came and pick me up. On the way back malacca, it was really a good feeling. The orange biscuit was setting and it felt great to be home.

Right now, I am jugling betwen fps and grad camp. A little while from now, i will be off to youth meeting. Sigh... Time is so little.



Tekkaus said...

Yeah! I believe it is important for a commite to open up and discuss without holding back.

If they just keep everything to themselves, the whole "group" is not going to achieve something optimumly.

You are very active o Chen! ;D

Chen said...

yeah, exactly. But I also believe in constructive feedback, not destructive. :) Not actie.... busy. HAHAAH!